What Is Liquid Paraffin Used For?

Liquid paraffin is a substance with multiple uses in various industries. There are two different types of liquid paraffin and they shouldn’t be confused. One represents a refined form of kerosene, a fuel used in the aviation industry, while the other one is a refined mineral oil with multiple uses in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields.

Below you’ll find more information about this ingredient and how it can be used to promote a healthier body and a soft-looking skin.


As a fuel

Liquid paraffin is primarily used as a fuel. It can be used in burning lamps or other devices to produce heat. Due to the fact that it doesn’t produce any soot or odor when burned, liquid paraffin represents a more attractive solution than unrefined kerosene.


Industrial and textile use

You can also use liquid paraffin as a hydraulic fluid or as a natural lubricant in numerous industrial settings. It has many purposes in the textile industry since it can be used for spinning or meshing fabrics. Industrial sewing machines also make use of this substance.

If you work in a factory and constantly get in contact with abrasive materials such as cement, paraffin represents an excellent solution for cleaning your hands.

Curating properties

One of the great things about this substance is that it passed through the intestinal tract of the human body without being absorbed, meaning it can be used as a laxative for those dealing with constipation and dry stools. In the right amounts, liquid paraffin will promote a healthy bowel.

Some eye lubricants and penicillin products also include paraffin in their ingredient list.


Cosmetic properties

Perhaps one of the most common uses of paraffin is in the cosmetic industry. The substance is listed as an ingredient in various cosmetic and beauty products, including body lotions, hydrating cream formulas, bronzing oils, and even makeup products such as eye shadows, lip balms, and lipsticks.

It is also an effective treatment against dry and itchy skin, helping restore the skin’s natural firmness. Used as a wax bath after a long day at work, paraffin will help soothe and calm down tired skin. Sore and swollen feet will benefit from a spa-like treatment if you choose a wax bath.

These devices can also help you relieve pain and tension in your muscles and joints, making an excellent treatment against arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and other joint mobility issues. Wax baths act as a form of heat therapy that can increase blood flow and reduce tension while decreasing joint stiffness.

However, before purchasing this type of product, we suggest talking to your doctor and asking for advice. A wax bath may be more efficient if it is combined with an active lifestyle and a diet rich in calcium, vitamins, and fish oils.

My favorite Alexandre Dumas books


Alexandre Dumas has quickly become one of my favorite authors because he has a way of creating intricate stories in which I enjoy getting lost and figuring things out as the plot thickens. There is not one book that hasn’t left me begging for more since his novels are filled with adventures that leave you breathless.

So that’s why I thought maybe it was the time that more of you discovered this French classic, beloved by thousands for a good reason. His historical novels have inspired so many generations to be creative and to dream of being the characters in his books. He has made them so relatable, thus forcing the readers to empathize with the characters. None of them are perfect, they all have qualities and flaws, and I think that’s what makes Dumas, the father, still popular today.

One of the first books I have read from him is also my favorite to this day. It’s called The Count of Monte-Cristo, and God, I loved it so much. It’s a huge book, but it took me less than three days to fly through it since it was so addictive. There is no point in telling you the plot because it’s so rich and diverse. But I will say that this book has a surprise ready at every corner.

There were so many turning points and reveals that sometimes I got dizzy because my heart couldn’t keep up with the adventures and misadventures the main character has gone through. Speaking of characters, in this book you can pretty much find anything from pirates, to ruthless people, to loving women who are not one dimensional, but rather complicated and strong-willed. And the love story has brought me to tears.

Another favorite is, of course, the well-known saga of our favorite anti-heroes, The Three Musketeers. You might’ve seen the movies, but the truth being said, they don’t even compare to the books. The development of the main characters is impressive, and the way the author constructs the plot is intelligent, and it will make you gasp every time something happens out of the blue. Even this day I find myself screaming “One for all, and all for one,” even if I read the book years ago.

Other books that I’ve adored were The Black Tulip, which was introduced to me by my grandfather, The Wolf Leader, and Le Dame de Monsoreau which has left a long-lasting impression on me due to its dark tone.

This is an author that has a huge collection of stories for you to choose from. You are going to find your next favorite book for sure if you give him a chance to impress you.


Things you should never feed your dog



We all know how dogs react whenever they see us enjoying a delicious slice of pizza or a cup of ice cream. No matter what happens in the Universe, all they see is us eating. So, you dive in and give a small treat to your pup because you feel awful if you share your goodies.

Spoiling your little ‘kid’ this way is not a great tactic because you should learn to say no from to time. Otherwise, you risk causing health damages to your dog that can vary from mild to severe, depending on the food and quantity.

Even though you might have given your dog a certain food in the past and no incidents occurred then, if it’s too much, it can lead to serious problems. So, no matter how much your dog begs for something, don’t fall into the trap.

Chocolate is delicious and us humans tend to consume it on a regular basis. However, this is one of the most toxic choices of food you can give to your dog. Every type of chocolate contains theobromine which is not harmful to people but can cause your dog to vomit and have diarrhea. Even worse, it can give your puppy seizures, tremors, and abnormal heart rhythm. If the condition gets out of control, dogs can die from a high dose of this chemical substance.

Some dog owners might find this as a surprise, but dogs shouldn’t indulge in bacon or any kind of fatty meat. Not because the taste is bad because everything from bacon to ham and meat trimmings can make your dog suffer from pancreatitis. Plus, due to the high content of salt, dogs can get an upset stomach. They’ll feel thirsty all the time and drink tons of water. This can be fatal because they bloat. So, if you want a healthy puppy, leave bacon and ham away from its diet.

We can’t imagine any recipe without some garlic and onion flavor. These delicious ingredients are incredibly poisonous to dogs because they have the ability to destroy the red blood cells, leading to a disease known by us individuals as anemia. It’s kind of tricky with them because a small dose won’t do much harm. If you give your dog garlic and onion on a regular basis, you will start to notice symptoms like weakness, vomit, and loss of appetite.

The world we live in is addicted to cheese and other dairy products. We constantly find new ways to include them in our diet because they taste good. The only drawback is that dogs aren’t quite able to digest cow milk products. Since they don’t have the natural enzyme responsible for breaking down milk sugar, dogs are in fact lactose intolerant.


Why you should consider getting a dog house

Owning a dog is probably one of the best things that will happen in your life. You will not only gain a four-pawed bundle of joy and a new best friend but also a family member to cherish and love forever. And, if you think about giving back some of the love your dog offers to you unconditionally, I have a few ideas that might work out.

So, what does your dog need apart from your love and a balanced and nutritious diet? Long walks every day, and plenty of space to play, preferably with you.

As for me, I rather invest a little extra in my dog’s comfort, so I decided to also buy some clothes and shoes for the winter, as well as a funky house for my dog. If you want to do the same, here are some of the advantages of buying a dog house.

Teach your dog there are boundaries

No matter how much time you spend with your dog, he will always come back for more. And, if you care about your privacy, you won’t want to teach your dog to sleep with you. Trust me, it may be rewarding while he is a pup, but you won’t want a 60-pound dog pushing you from your bed in the middle of the night. Not to mention snoring and drooling all over.

So, whether your dog sleeps on your house’s porch or you own a small apartment with little room, your pooch will require a place for his own. A comfortable bed is perfect for dogs who live indoors, while those who are used to large yards will require a home of their own.


Provide extra comfort

No matter the size of your dog’s house, it will still be much more comfortable for your dog than sleeping outside. A cool dog home will shelter your pooch from wind, rain, and snow, while offering the warmth of a roof over his head.

It is important for your pup to learn how to look after himself, so putting him in a space specifically designed for his needs is the best place to start. A house for himself will represent the perfect place for him to cuddle, shelter from the stormy and cloudy weather, and sleep comfortably during the night.

Moreover, it will also act as a refuge, so don’t wonder if he will resort to his own hiding every time he does something bad.

Take it with you

Last but not least, most dog houses are portable, meaning you can put them anywhere they fit the best, without messing with your lawn or the rest of your garden. If portable, they can also be easily carried around in your weekend trips or outdoor adventures to provide the perfect sleeping environment for your dog after long walks in nature.