My favorite Alexandre Dumas books


Alexandre Dumas has quickly become one of my favorite authors because he has a way of creating intricate stories in which I enjoy getting lost and figuring things out as the plot thickens. There is not one book that hasn’t left me begging for more since his novels are filled with adventures that leave you breathless.

So that’s why I thought maybe it was the time that more of you discovered this French classic, beloved by thousands for a good reason. His historical novels have inspired so many generations to be creative and to dream of being the characters in his books. He has made them so relatable, thus forcing the readers to empathize with the characters. None of them are perfect, they all have qualities and flaws, and I think that’s what makes Dumas, the father, still popular today.

One of the first books I have read from him is also my favorite to this day. It’s called The Count of Monte-Cristo, and God, I loved it so much. It’s a huge book, but it took me less than three days to fly through it since it was so addictive. There is no point in telling you the plot because it’s so rich and diverse. But I will say that this book has a surprise ready at every corner.

There were so many turning points and reveals that sometimes I got dizzy because my heart couldn’t keep up with the adventures and misadventures the main character has gone through. Speaking of characters, in this book you can pretty much find anything from pirates, to ruthless people, to loving women who are not one dimensional, but rather complicated and strong-willed. And the love story has brought me to tears.

Another favorite is, of course, the well-known saga of our favorite anti-heroes, The Three Musketeers. You might’ve seen the movies, but the truth being said, they don’t even compare to the books. The development of the main characters is impressive, and the way the author constructs the plot is intelligent, and it will make you gasp every time something happens out of the blue. Even this day I find myself screaming “One for all, and all for one,” even if I read the book years ago.

Other books that I’ve adored were The Black Tulip, which was introduced to me by my grandfather, The Wolf Leader, and Le Dame de Monsoreau which has left a long-lasting impression on me due to its dark tone.

This is an author that has a huge collection of stories for you to choose from. You are going to find your next favorite book for sure if you give him a chance to impress you.