Things you should never feed your dog



We all know how dogs react whenever they see us enjoying a delicious slice of pizza or a cup of ice cream. No matter what happens in the Universe, all they see is us eating. So, you dive in and give a small treat to your pup because you feel awful if you share your goodies.

Spoiling your little ‘kid’ this way is not a great tactic because you should learn to say no from to time. Otherwise, you risk causing health damages to your dog that can vary from mild to severe, depending on the food and quantity.

Even though you might have given your dog a certain food in the past and no incidents occurred then, if it’s too much, it can lead to serious problems. So, no matter how much your dog begs for something, don’t fall into the trap.

Chocolate is delicious and us humans tend to consume it on a regular basis. However, this is one of the most toxic choices of food you can give to your dog. Every type of chocolate contains theobromine which is not harmful to people but can cause your dog to vomit and have diarrhea. Even worse, it can give your puppy seizures, tremors, and abnormal heart rhythm. If the condition gets out of control, dogs can die from a high dose of this chemical substance.

Some dog owners might find this as a surprise, but dogs shouldn’t indulge in bacon or any kind of fatty meat. Not because the taste is bad because everything from bacon to ham and meat trimmings can make your dog suffer from pancreatitis. Plus, due to the high content of salt, dogs can get an upset stomach. They’ll feel thirsty all the time and drink tons of water. This can be fatal because they bloat. So, if you want a healthy puppy, leave bacon and ham away from its diet.

We can’t imagine any recipe without some garlic and onion flavor. These delicious ingredients are incredibly poisonous to dogs because they have the ability to destroy the red blood cells, leading to a disease known by us individuals as anemia. It’s kind of tricky with them because a small dose won’t do much harm. If you give your dog garlic and onion on a regular basis, you will start to notice symptoms like weakness, vomit, and loss of appetite.

The world we live in is addicted to cheese and other dairy products. We constantly find new ways to include them in our diet because they taste good. The only drawback is that dogs aren’t quite able to digest cow milk products. Since they don’t have the natural enzyme responsible for breaking down milk sugar, dogs are in fact lactose intolerant.