What Is Liquid Paraffin Used For?

Liquid paraffin is a substance with multiple uses in various industries. There are two different types of liquid paraffin and they shouldn’t be confused. One represents a refined form of kerosene, a fuel used in the aviation industry, while the other one is a refined mineral oil with multiple uses in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields.

Below you’ll find more information about this ingredient and how it can be used to promote a healthier body and a soft-looking skin.


As a fuel

Liquid paraffin is primarily used as a fuel. It can be used in burning lamps or other devices to produce heat. Due to the fact that it doesn’t produce any soot or odor when burned, liquid paraffin represents a more attractive solution than unrefined kerosene.


Industrial and textile use

You can also use liquid paraffin as a hydraulic fluid or as a natural lubricant in numerous industrial settings. It has many purposes in the textile industry since it can be used for spinning or meshing fabrics. Industrial sewing machines also make use of this substance.

If you work in a factory and constantly get in contact with abrasive materials such as cement, paraffin represents an excellent solution for cleaning your hands.

Curating properties

One of the great things about this substance is that it passed through the intestinal tract of the human body without being absorbed, meaning it can be used as a laxative for those dealing with constipation and dry stools. In the right amounts, liquid paraffin will promote a healthy bowel.

Some eye lubricants and penicillin products also include paraffin in their ingredient list.


Cosmetic properties

Perhaps one of the most common uses of paraffin is in the cosmetic industry. The substance is listed as an ingredient in various cosmetic and beauty products, including body lotions, hydrating cream formulas, bronzing oils, and even makeup products such as eye shadows, lip balms, and lipsticks.

It is also an effective treatment against dry and itchy skin, helping restore the skin’s natural firmness. Used as a wax bath after a long day at work, paraffin will help soothe and calm down tired skin. Sore and swollen feet will benefit from a spa-like treatment if you choose a wax bath.

These devices can also help you relieve pain and tension in your muscles and joints, making an excellent treatment against arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and other joint mobility issues. Wax baths act as a form of heat therapy that can increase blood flow and reduce tension while decreasing joint stiffness.

However, before purchasing this type of product, we suggest talking to your doctor and asking for advice. A wax bath may be more efficient if it is combined with an active lifestyle and a diet rich in calcium, vitamins, and fish oils.